Joint Replacement:

When a joint is too warn to repair a replacement joint can allow you to get back to what you what to due as well as make every day activities less painful. Our patients get the benefit of limited replacement if that is possible. This is sometimes called uni-compartmental replacements or resurfacing.

Sports Medicine:

We believe in getting people back to what they love. That could be golf, cycling, tennis or just a long walk with your loved one. Our goal is to restore your ability to function with the least invasive measures possible. When required, surgery is done with minimally invasive techniques such as arthroscopy. This allows you to recover faster and get back in the GAME!


​If you are injured and need emergent services please go to your nearest ER. If you are at Good Samaritan Hospital or O'Connor Hospital ER have the ER doctor call us and we will try to see you in the ER. None emergent injuries can usually be seen in our clinic the same day or the next day (if we are in surgery).